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19.12.2014, 01:42
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Program TV: Joi, 18.12.2014 | Sport
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01:45Omnisport | Eurosport
WATTS - Cele mai interesante faze din sporturile de iarnă (45min)
01:45Omnisport: Watts | Eurosport HD
Cele mai interesante faze din sporturile de iarnă
02:00Baschet | Eurosport 2
Eurocupa  - Sezonul regulat, etapa a zecea Khimki (Rusia) - Zenit (Rusia)  (60min)
02:00Baschet | Eurosport 2 HD
Eurocupa  - Sezonul regulat, etapa a zecea Khimki (Rusia) - Zenit (Rusia)  (60min)
02:00Firsthand | Fuel TV HD
Embarking on his rookie year on the ASP professional surfing tour for 2010, Owen Wright prepares mentally and physically for the first event on tour, the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper Rocks Gold Coast Australia and then travels to his favorite place on earth.
02:30Firsthand | Fuel TV HD
Tahiti is his home, and he prefers to stay there and be part of its culture. Except for the rare occasion when he needs to leave to Tahiti to fulfill certain obligations like promoting his latest film, Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D.
03:00Baschet | Eurosport 2
Eurocupa  - Sezonul regulat, etapa a zecea Strasbourg (Franţa) - Paris (Franţa)  (60min)
03:00Baschet | Eurosport 2 HD
Eurocupa  - Sezonul regulat, etapa a zecea Strasbourg (Franţa) - Paris (Franţa)  (60min)
03:00DEEP | Fight Box HD
Founded in 2001, DEEP Fighting Championships (DEEP FC) is a championship Mixed Martial Arts series dedicated to not just showcasing the top MMA athletes in Asia but also promoting the sport with many interesting and experimental approaches - resurrecting the careers of big-name stars, providing athletes from other sports such as kick boxers, sumo wrestlers, pro-wrestlers, and ex-pro baseball players, the opportunity to test their skills in MMA.
03:00Thrillbillies | Fuel TV HD
Dusty goes big on a little bike, Refus calls a board meeting, Cam takes a go-cart to a skate park, and they ice block, Thrillbillie style.
03:30American Misfits | Fuel TV HD
Laban and Ted fight off an electric prod yielding 3-eyed dog boy. Plus Night Vision em Vegas and the "Tum Yeto" warehouse on Built to Shred. Featured Misfit: Lizzard King
04:00Patinaj artistic | Eurosport 2
Mare Premiu (Grand Prix), la Barcelona, în Spania (120min)
04:00Patinaj artistic | Eurosport 2 HD
Mare Premiu (Grand Prix), la Barcelona, în Spania (120min)
04:00Ultimate FightBox - Reality cage of combat | Fight Box HD
Top notch MMA action made by the fans and for the fans. Reality Cage Combat features the best in mixed martial arts action. Top MMA superstars, future prospects and guarenteed action from bell to bell is what you will find with RCC.
04:00Drive Thru Europe | Fuel TV HD
Pat breaks his board, and the drive to Portugal gets delayed.
04:30Drive Thru Europe | Fuel TV HD
Pat and Benji lead the group to some of the lesser known surf spots of Lisbon.
05:00Sânge, sudoare şi motoare | Extreme Sports
Cele mai bune momente de supermoto şi enduro din Marea Britanie.
05:00Ultimate FightBox - Boxing | Fight Box HD
THE BEST FULL boxing fihts from shows such as: gotham boxing and Seminole warriors as well as other single events.
05:00The Standard Snowboard Show | Fuel TV HD
Snowboarder Magazine’s Super Park consisting of three different events throughout the season has become the Super Bowl of park riding.
05:30Bubba's World | Fuel TV HD
James finally gets the house of his dreams, but when the roommate situation doesn't work out, he kicks out sidekick Eric Sorby and decides to have a party without him.
06:00Baschet | Eurosport 2
Magazinul Euroligii masculine (30min)
06:00Baschet | Eurosport 2 HD
Magazinul Euroligii masculine (30min)
06:00World Series of Boxing - WSB | Fight Box HD
The World Series of Boxing (WSB) is one of the most exciting emerging sports leagues in the world. Bringing together the best boxers on the planet to compete in a team format across ten weight categories, the WSB represents a whole new way of thinking about boxing.
06:00Firsthand | Fuel TV HD
Pro Wakeboarder Rusty Malinoski shoots for the upcoming Bent Felix film in Orlando and sets off for China for a photo shoot in Shenyang and China’s first ever wakeboarding competition in Beijiing.
06:30Baschet | Eurosport 2
Eurocupa  - Sezonul regulat, etapa a zecea Khimki (Rusia) - Zenit (Rusia)  (60min)
06:30Baschet | Eurosport 2 HD
Eurocupa  - Sezonul regulat, etapa a zecea Khimki (Rusia) - Zenit (Rusia)  (60min)
06:30M80 | Fuel TV HD
Take a look at the Riders 4 Christ. Then check out Blowin' Up with R4C's Destin Cantrell, 90 seconds with Kyle Loza, and "Where Are They Now" with Mick Cinqmars.

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