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24.01.2020, 20:15
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Program TV: Vineri, 24.01.2020 | Stingray Classica
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19:49TEMKO - Darkness Rises | Acum la TV
What does outer space sound like? Composer Aart Strootman, artist in residence at the Tilburg Theatre and winner of the Gaudeamus Award in 2017, pondered this question. He analysed the last data NASA received in 2003 from its space probe Pioneer 10 and translated its sounds to mysterious music for his ensemble TEMKO. The ephemeral, long lines, the short outbursts, the electronics, and the voices all together made for a truly cosmic experience. Last year, Strootman arranged this insinuating score for the South Netherlands Philharmonic, for his own TEMKO to play along with the orchestra. The result was even more insinuating, thanks in part to the footage of space impressions Dries Alkemade made to accompany the music. Because of the many requests to repeat the programme, Darkness Rises returns unchanged as a part of November Music. Like last year, Karel Deseure will conduct. A mind-boggling experience for anyone who has not yet had a chance to see and hear the show and a great opportunity to discover new layers for those who did see it before.

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